How to Choose the Most Appropriate Tree Surgeon?

by Philip Reeves

Trees are everything and it takes more than just any other team to manage them. At some point, they outgrow and require routine trimming so that humans especially those in urban areas are safe. Arborists or better known as the tree surgeons, as we all know are professionals who make sure the well-being of the plantation. Besides ensuring that the trees don’t get infected, arborists perform different types of surgeries such as axing off the outgrown branches or chopping off the complete tree.

As the risks attached to the jobs are many, it is our duty to ensure that we hire the best Arborists. If you are looking for a professional tree surgeon in Edinburgh, the following checklist is for you.

Be assured about the safety gear they use

The job of an Arborist is prone to injuries and sometimes life-threatening accident. This is because they use heavy tools to lift, move and cut trees. Given the safety risks attached, it is essential that they must be equipped with appropriate safety gear. This includes face shields, helmets, protective glasses, steel toe boots and a complete personal protective kit covering the entire body.

Furthermore, if the task involves climbing a tree then the kit must also include high quality climbing ropes, gloves and saddle. If someone shows up unequipped, turn them away!

Check if they are using damaging techniques when not required

Following best practices to execute the job can be the leading differentiator while picking an arborist. Professional tree surgeons will not recommend unnecessary tasks just for the sake of increasing the bill. They’ll guide you honestly and will propose a roadmap that requires minimum cutting. For example, tools such as spikes to climb the trees produce major wounds and are only recommended if the complete cutting of tree is involved.

Some tree surgeons in Edinburgh are habitual of performing Pruning even when it is not required. Although it is an important function in the field of Arboriculture, Pruning should mostly be avoided. It is violent and ends up damaging the tree body. Probe about alternative and less damaging practices that can be used. A professional arborist will educate you the right way.

Evaluate their professionalism

Given the criticality of the profession, tree surgeons ought to possess optimal standards of professionalism. Anything lesser would invite hazardous risks. Therefore, even after the Arborist has begun work, you must keep looking for curs. For an example, the condition of the truck or other loading vehicles can be used to evaluate the quality of services. This means, the way arborists are maintaining their resources clearly indicate the quality and the safety precautions they would be taking while working in your premises.

And finally, Don’t hesitate to do a thorough background check

There’s no harm in doing some background check about the service provider. Besides the usual online research, you can always ask for real time references. For individuals, certain certifications help to back up the claims. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) provides certification to professional tree surgeons. Besides Edinburgh, the ISA certification is accepted all over the world.

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